Needless to say this wasn’t fleeting change that I witnessed in these guys, I saw a lasting change which perpetuated them both into more positive narratives which continue to this day. One is very successful in life and I will always give myself an inkling of the credit, but it was really Freedom Waters who deserves the credit, and of course the veteran for having the courage to move through his debilitating fears.
Greg Cintron, Veterans Center Counselor

Veterans and Freedom Waters

January 17th, 2013|3 Comments

Picture a U.S. Veteran isolated in his home; suffering from PTSD; struggling to get out his front door; unsure of himself and others; knowing what he is capable of and afraid that he may lose control, so he stays home, alone, lonely, isolated, and sometimes teetering on a desire to live…or not. Now, imagine that same Veteran pushing himself out his front door; reaching out to others with trepidation; being invited to go fishing or just for a relaxing boat ride with local community members donating their time and vessels.


FWF Veterans Program Introduction

Freedom Waters Foundation charity video produced in Naples, Florida using high definition video production equipment. Freedom Waters Foundation Veterans program highlighted in this fundraising video produced by United Video Artists, LLC shown on


Veterans Helping Veterans Boat Outing

Veterans Meet and Greet, 5/18/2015 Veterans of all ages, their family members, and volunteers all came together to share in camaraderie - old friends, new friends - a day of pure relaxation and celebration of service! Freedom Waters Foundation, a local non-profit organization is serving local Veterans, by making these boat trips available in partnership with numerous local private and commercial boat owners.


Therapeutic Boating for Veterans

The FWF Veterans Program includes boating outings and marine activities for Veterans and their families, offering the opportunity to relax, leave their concerns on the dock, to enjoy camaraderie with other veterans and their families, in a safe, enriching environment.


Freedom on the Water

WINK TV featured Freedom Waters Foundation serving Veterans with therapeutic trips on the water aboard donated yachts. It's all part of Freedom Waters Foundation's mission, "Enhancing lives by providing boating opportunities and marine related activities for people with disabilities, life threatening illnesses, youth at risk and others with special need