Veterans Fundraising Dinner

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A group of Florida Gulf Coast University students are taking a lesson learned in the classroom and bringing it to life. The group is holding a fundraiser dinner and event to raise funds for Freedom Waters Foundation, a non-profit organization that gives marine-related activities to disabled veterans and disabled children. John [...]

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Fishing Outing for Veterans!

Local Boat Owners and the Freedom Boat Club of Naples donated their time, use of their vessels and fishing gear and expertise to take Veterans Fishing in the Naples area. A big day out on the water, with fish being caught, new friends and memories made and a whole lot of gratitude and relaxation for [...]

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Veterans and Freedom Waters

Picture a U.S. Veteran isolated in his home; suffering from PTSD; struggling to get out his front door; unsure of himself and others; knowing what he is capable of and afraid that he may lose control, so he stays home, alone, lonely, isolated, and sometimes teetering on a desire to live…or not. Now, imagine that same Veteran pushing himself out his front door; reaching out to others with trepidation; being invited to go fishing or just for a relaxing boat ride with local community members donating their time and vessels.

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