Children’s Home – (2007 – 2010)

In May 2007, Captain John Puig, a FWF Volunteer, loaded his 32’ sailboat with supplies, food and assistance to take to a Children’s Home in the Bahamas.  The initial goal was to bring surplus goods to the children who needed them and to assist with the care, and provide education of how to care for their orchard that was previously planted.

During the first visit, it was found that the Home’s Water System needed work to supply the children with clean, healthy water.

Through a number of trips to the Children’s Home, FWF has provided a number of necessities to the children, as well as improving their living conditions through repairs and enhancements to the home’s water system and additional grooming and care of the orchard which is now producing a good amount of fruit.

We continued to work with the Children’s Home in maintenance of the water system and by providing needed supplies through 2010. The water system was up and running well.  Occasionally, Captain John Puig continues to go over and check on the system. If there is a need, FWF will continue to assist.