Weller Day Outings

Weller Day Yacht Outings

Healing on the Water with Love – September 2017

This newsletter is a bit delayed due to the crazy weather situation Florida has endured, but Freedom Waters Foundation is here, strong and ready to continue to share a whole lot of love, caring and fun in our communities, as each community is able. In the meantime, I hope that you are all [...]

Summer Slow? – FWF is Go, Go, Go!

Summer is in full swing...infact, mid way through and Freedom Waters Foundation has been so busy that it has taken me this long to get the news out to all of you! It's a go, go, go summer! We have record numbers of boat outings with the addition of Lori Griffith, as the [...]

March 2017 Newsletter: Love & Waters Heals

Freedom Waters Foundation had a record month in February 2017, with over 20 boat outings, serving children and adults with special needs and our veterans, on both the west and east coast of south Florida. Children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, children and adults with a variety of abilities, veterans – [...]

July Newsletter: Big Waves of Freedom

BIG WAVES OF FREEDOM FROM FREEDOM WATERS! It's hot, hot, hot in South Florida, but Freedom Waters Foundation is keeping it cool with a whole lot of therapeutic, fun out on the water! So many boat outings continue to happen for those with special needs and veterans, with an incredible group of [...]

NBC News: Kids Fighting Illness Feel Freedom

NBC Nightly News featured a segment on a Freedom Waters Foundation "Weller Day" in Palm Beach, FL.  The boat trips are the brainchild of John Weller, a Fort Lauderdale yacht broker, a six-time cancer survivor and a co-founder of the Freedom Waters Foundation.  Freedom Waters Foundation (FWF) was incorporated in March 2006 to carry out its [...]