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Freedom Waters Foundation Veterans’ Meet & Greet

Freedom Waters Foundation Veterans' Meet & Greet for Veterans and their Families (space is allotted for Veterans and their immediate family members) COME JOIN US! Learn how Veterans are exploring a new way of being, while sharing in the therapeutic effect of being on the water...and helping each other on their individual journeys. BUILDING BRIDGES IN UNDERSTANDING VETERANS AND [...]

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Veterans and Freedom Waters

Picture a U.S. Veteran isolated in his home; suffering from PTSD; struggling to get out his front door; unsure of himself and others; knowing what he is capable of and afraid that he may lose control, so he stays home, alone, lonely, isolated, and sometimes teetering on a desire to live…or not. Now, imagine that same Veteran pushing himself out his front door; reaching out to others with trepidation; being invited to go fishing or just for a relaxing boat ride with local community members donating their time and vessels.

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