What’s in the Name?

The question, “How did you come up with the name “Freedom Waters Foundation?” is frequently asked, so we thought it should be included in FWF history.

After soliciting numerous (a couple hundred) of possible names from friends and family, Debra started to write the business plan by referencing the Frenkel/Weller Foundation, knowing all along that neither Frenkel nor Weller wanted or needed their name as that of the foundation. So, Debra started to play with the first initial of each last name – the “F” of Frenkel and the “W” of Weller.

Then she consulted with a very good friend who has paraplegia and is a top notch sailor and asked him what was the constant that called him to the water. And, without, any thought or hesitation, he simply stated, “the Freedom.” Thus, with the “F” and “W” and the “Freedom” – it appeared naturally and the name, Freedom Waters Foundation was enthusiastically accepted.