Enhancing the lives of individuals with special needs and veterans through providing therapeutic boat experiences.

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Did you know that in 2015, Freedom Waters Foundation has made it possible for over 1700 individuals of all ages to enjoy the therapeutic effects of being out on the water? With just two employees and numerous (over 200) volunteers, FWF is Making it Happen! Since FWF is 90% operated by private donations, every dollar matters and keeps us making smiles and memories. Thank you for your support in making this another successful year of service for the Freedom Waters Foundation. Thank You!

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Freedom Waters Foundation allows children, whose lives are full of therapy and work to be free. The water allows them to just be a kid for a day, not a kid with special needs or multiple problems. Just a kid, who can set sail and relax in the sun. To see them laugh and feel the wind on their faces is such a wonderful sight. As a mom I take great joy in seeing my son sail on the open sea! His joy brings me joy and for that I am thankful!
Rebekah Aldridge, Zach's Mom , Learn more about Zach
Special needs basically means the Loss of Freedom: Loss of the senses… smell, taste,hearing, feel/touch, sight. Freedom Waters Foundation gives our blind, deaf, and paralyzed child his senses back. The smell and taste of the salt water air; the vibration (hearing) of the motor or gentle rocking of the waves; the touch of the sun and wind in his hair. As for sight, the organization gives us something to look forward to every time we participate. For a moment in time,
our son/family, are “normal” and a part of something very special.
John Buck, Father of Riley, Learn more about Riley