The FWF Veterans Program includes boating outings and marine activities for Veterans and their families, offering the opportunity to relax, leave their concerns on the dock, to enjoy camaraderie with other veterans and their families, in a safe, enriching environment. Freedom Waters Foundation (FWF) Veterans’ Program had its inaugural Meet and Greet event aboard the Naples Princess, on November 5, 2012.  Veterans who are readjusting to civilian life are volunteering with the FWF Veterans Program, after their first fishing outing with FWF changed/helped them, individually in a most positive way.

With the Veterans who came out fishing, FWF has developed the FWF Veterans program to enhance the lives of US Veterans through participation, productivity, mentoring and community integration.  Many Veterans are isolating in their homes, not sure how to navigate in the world after coming back from combat. FWF has already made a huge impact in a few of their lives and healing. The goal is to continue to offer them something positive to lead and participate in.