Freedom Stories are the stories from the people Freedom Waters Foundation serves.

Boating event lifts spirits of children and families dealing with illness, disability

Article printed in the Sun Sentinel newspaper on March 1st, read it online here:


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A Christmas Blessing by Andrew Cilla

This is the 10th year Freedom Waters patrons, Paul and Michelle Flanigan, have hosted the Freedom Waters Christmas Party at their lovely home located on the Intracoastal Waterway. The party took place as usual during the evening of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Parade.  Our guests were children with cancer, or other life threatening disabilities, and […]

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Can you feel the freedom?

Feel the Freedom felt by the child, who is constantly either in her electric wheelchair or her bed, when she boards a vessel and is splashed by the playful dolphins right next to the rail of the boat in front of her, as it moves along the waterway. She feels the wind in her hair […]

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Boy, Brain Cancer, and Boating

“Look at that little boy, waving and smiling at all of us at the boat show while at the helm of that deck boat. How cute is that!“ “Who is he? What is Freedom Waters Foundation?” “Cool deck boat!” – comments heard as a special young man and deck boat passed by the Ft. Lauderdale […]

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Candlelighters of Southwest Florida Freedom Story

“We can not change the outcome of a disease but we can play a role in helping families to cope.” Candlelighters of Southwest Florida, a non-profit charity supporting children with cancer and blood disorders has shared a wonderful partnership with Freedom Waters Foundation for over 5 years.
It is hard to sum up the importance of […]

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John Mileff Freedom Story

John Mileff of Cape Coral who suffered paralysis from a spinal cord injury, sees Freedom Waters Foundation as the spirit of its founder, Debby Frenkel. “Debby is the ‘freedom’ in Freedom Waters. Her desire to provide a boating opportunity for people as a respite during their troubling times does more than give them a break […]

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Veterans and Freedom Waters

Picture a U.S. Veteran isolated in his home; suffering from PTSD; struggling to get out his front door; unsure of himself and others; knowing what he is capable of and afraid that he may lose control, so he stays home, alone, lonely, isolated, and sometimes teetering on a desire to live…or not. Now, imagine that same Veteran pushing himself out his front door; reaching out to others with trepidation; being invited to go fishing or just for a relaxing boat ride with local community members donating their time and vessels.

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From a FWF Mom Volunteer – FWF touches Lives

FWF Story – from a Mom!
(Story and photos submitted by Mom, Lori Griffith)

I’m a firm believer that people are put in our paths for a special reason.  FWF was put in not only my path, but my sons path and I am truly grateful for that.  I met this incredible group of people through chance […]

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Marina Gonzales, Freedom Waters Foundation Volunteer

My first experience with the Freedom Waters Foundation was one of pure joy. I have
volunteered only a couple of times in my life so I was nervous about my first boat outing. I
figured that there would be some talking about the area and the history of the foundation but I
never figured that I would really […]

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Nina and Pinta Visit Naples with FWF Volunteer Support

Ever since I’ve been volunteering with Freedom Waters, I’ve had some amazing experiences, such as boating with great kids and their families, teaching disabled sailing, and all the other things we do to serve the kids with disabilities.

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